Line and structure. Guiding line and edge. Long or short. Straight, curved, thick or thin. Direct. Ascending. To mark or to limit. A contour. Designed and accepted. Drawn. LINES II – reduced, open to options. A connection, a direction. Contrasts within a system. Really creating movement in the room.

Colours, Sizes, Borders

FLURSTÜCK rugs may be provided as shown or as entirely individual designs: You may choose among 69 colours. Standard sizes are 2x3 or 3x4 metres and round shapes of up to 4.50 m. Special sizes on request. Borders are variable as well.

Information about Material + Care

FLURSTÜCKE are made of fine-fibre felt. These 100 % polyamide textile carpets are especially suited for heavy-traffic rooms. They are extremely long-lasting and wear-resistant and, nevertheless, appreciate moderate care.

Let’s get into contact!

If you have questions regarding FLURSTÜCK rugs – we shall be glad to help you. The best thing to do would be to fill in our contact form, tell us how and when we can reach you and outline briefly what you want – we answer you as fast as possible.

The collection


About the Designer

Dirk Biotto

»Folks, look what’s happening under your feet!« – A conversation with the industrial designer Dirk Biotto about the role of the carpet in the room and the challenge of designing something rooted to the soil in the true sense of the word.

FLURSTÜCK. Its roll in the room.
Carpets are underestimated. We have got in our mind outdated pictures of heavy, big carpets which, above all, do one thing: cover the floor, hide the floor. To me a carpet is a piece of furniture. It is a subtle design element. A good carpet fits well into the room atmosphere. It functions unobtrusively or – for instance by the colour – as an eye catcher. No doubt, carpets can create added value, because they make us fully aware of the floor and, thus, make the room bigger …

FLURSTÜCK. A challenge.
We are conditioned to other things – our range of view starts on a certain room level only, the things below this level becoming blurred. We see couch landscapes, shelving systems, glossy fitted kitchens. We gain a lot when our eyes do not start or end there, but look below that level. A good carpet can widen our perspective, complete the picture. »Folks, look what’s happening under your feet!«, watch closely what’s lying at your feet …

FLURSTÜCK. The design.
When I am designing, I am thinking of interaction and of the balance of benefit and esthetics which, in my opinion of design, an object must have. I want to reach a balance. At the same time, design may change everyday’s life. Why do I do something in a certain way? We got used to too many automatisms. Also, to have a carpet below the table and letting it stay there …